Teaching Kids to Love Books (a work in progress)

My husband and I are avid readers.  I’ve been fortunate in my work career to be able to be around books. When I taught elementary school, I had books all over the place.  Then, I  couldn’t get enough of them, so I worked at a bookstore… now, I work at a public library.  Books are just such a huge part of our lives that we just wanted to transfer our love of books to our children.

The first thing that we put in the baby’s room was a book shelf, and we filled the shelves with our favorite children’s books.  As baby gifts, we also asked our relatives to send us their favorite books to add to our collection.  So by the time the little guy was born, he had a well stocked library.

How we are doing it…

  • We stocked up on colorful board books
  • We started reading to the baby right away – (first day home from the hospital).
  • When he was able to sit up and grasp things with his cute little fingers, we started teaching him how to turn the pages
  • Our bedtime routine always included a little story book (usually my husband does the night time reading)
  • I read to him during his morning feeding
  • We are still teaching him how to be gentle with books
  • Books are everywhere in our home… we place books where he can easily reach them.  There are baskets of books lying around the house (even in the bathroom) for him to just pick up and “read”.
  • We go the library almost everyday (I work there) and usually have him pick books in the kid’s room – most libraries have a toddler book section

Of course the baby went through the “eating” the books stage and some of his books are definitely showing “teeth wear”.  But now that he’s more mobile, he can be found pretty much just reading all over the place.

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    It’s so great that you are introducing books at such a young age 🙂 He looks so happy with all of his books!

  • I love how you keep books down within his reach!

  • I love books very much, too! I read and read and read to my kids. They are grown up and still love to read. There is nothing like a book that can take you away to different thought processes, introduce you to new ideas, and allow you to to visit places far away in time and space.

  • Great ideas! We keep all of Charlie’s books in a basket in his room and in the living room and at any given moment they are all over the floor while he *reads* – very similar to your little guy 🙂

  • Great ideas you are well on your way to creating a reader! I love the pictures -such a cute baby!

  • Awesome article Joy! You all have done a great job with Jude! Can’t wait for the new baby to become a new book reader!

  • Very cool. We did and do most of this things (I look forward all day for the night time reading) until our 5 year old daughter discovered Hannah Montana, LOL.

    We also take many road trips and get books about the places we are going to see – that helps because it’s not a fairytale anymore and they get the


  • It’ll work, I can attest. My 11 year old devours books and the 5 year old is beginning on her read-it-myself journey. Our “problem” now is an overflow of books! I have given away all the toddler & youngers but we’ve got stacks on the floor with no more room in the cases.

  • I love this!  I just found your blog, and it’s amazing!!!  It’s always fun to find a fellow book nerd. 🙂

    • Yay Jen! I am so glad you stopped by! Yep, we are definitely book nerds around here 😉

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