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change this - how to be creative

Need some inspiration? Maybe a good pep talk? Check out They have an amazing collection of mini booklets that motivate and inspire.  You can download, share, print the manifestos for free!

I’m currently reading: “How To Be Creative” by Hugh MacLeod…

Here are some other interesting manifestos (sometimes book excerpts) that I plan on reading:


Our mission: to support and spread great ideas.
Great ideas = Passion. Conviction. Knowledge. Education. Thought. Persuasion. Freedom. Appeal. Change. Point-of-View. Self-Betterment. Inspiration.

ChangeThis is a new kind of media. It’s calm and thoughtful and direct and transparent. And unlike almost every other form of media, it reaches people through community. If an idea is a good one, it’ll spread, because people like you will send it to their friends…

Hope you find some great reading material!

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