Not quite ready for the holidays…

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The holidays are upon us and I’m not sure that I’m ready!  We are in the middle of selling our home and in the process of building a new one (the new home site is pictured above) and so things are a little bit hectic for us this holiday season.  It’s hard to get into the holiday spirit when we’re packing up boxes, but I have to remember to enjoy these times, especially since Jude (almost four) is getting really excited about Christmas this year.  Seth is going to be two, so he doesn’t really know what the excitement is all about, but he’s pretty much just excited all the time.


This time of the year also makes me think of my relatives that are in the Philippines.  I haven’t been back to visit in a long time, but from what I remember the Christmas (Pasko) celebrations were just amazing!  The picture above is a common decoration called “Parol” that we would hang in our homes.  The Philippines is known for having the longest Christmas celebration, starting around September and ending a couple of weeks into January.  I remember going with my family to watch the huge fireworks display… it’s hard not to miss the Christmas festivities in the Philippines!

On Christmas Eve, we would celebrate the Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) feast at my grandmother’s house. Her whole house would smell of delicious dishes – lechon (roasted pig), pancit (traditional noodles), lumpia (egg rolls),  the list would go on an on… Afterwards, my cousins and I would have some tsokolate (hot chocolate) and the adults would enjoy their coffee. Makes me want to go back and experience it all again!

Thinking back to my holiday memories in the Philippines almost puts me back into the holiday mindset… Now if I can just get my Christmas shopping done early, I should be all set!

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  • Willow88

    Was excited to see this. I didn’t know you were Filipino ^_^. I always go here to check for craft stuff. Great designs!

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