Ready for Next Christmas?

Want a less stressful and possibly a cheaper Christmas next year? Now is a good time to really start planning, so you can relax and take a little stress off yourself on the holidays.

  • Start shopping for Christmas now.  It’s a great time to shop because all of the Christmas themed items are usually on sale by this time (Christmas cards, decorations, etc).  If you wait a couple of days, you might even be able to score a 75% off deal!  Find more good stuff in this article: Preparing for Christmas Well in Advance by Frugally minded.
  • Start saving for Christmas gifts and your travel expenses now.  This is definitely something that my family will be doing this upcoming year. One of the easiest ways to do it is to open up a savings account and have a little bit of money automatically deposited into the account.  It could be as little as $5 to $50.  You’ll be amazed at how your gift account will grow over time!  More ideas can be found here: Preparing for Christmas by Frugal Girl.
  • It was a challenge for us this year to find our Christmas decorations, so a great idea would be is to organize your decor as you are putting them away.  Read more:  Preparing for Next Year’s Holidays by Simplify Your Life.
  • There is just something about having a concrete plan to help you organize and tackle your holidays.  Here’s a great 12 week planning post: Plan for the Holidays: 12 weeks to an enjoyable Christmas by Simplemom.
  • Try making your Christmas gift!  Handmade items are a great and usually inexpensive gifts.  You’ll have to plan in advance of what to make especially if you have a big family.  Check out this article to give you some great ideas:  Handmade Gift Ideas by Skip to My Lou.

Want to share your ideas for having a less stressful Christmas?  Just leave a comment below.

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