Mamma Buys Toys: Leapfrog Phonics Toy

I retired from teaching elementary school a few years back…  During my teaching days, I would sometimes help and sub for the kindergarten teacher.  Wow, talk about a tough job!  After subbing in the kindergarten class, I promised myself that if I ever have kids,  I would prepare my kids for kindergarten when they’re still a toddler.  They would know their letters and sounds, write their name, use the potty…

So when the munchkin turned 16 months, I got ready.  I borrowed all the books I can find about early childhood.  I bought doodle pads, markers, crayons, workbooks, and even a plan book for me (so I can write down our weekly tasks) – I know, I’m a little crazy sometimes.  I have to say that Jude really likes “school”.  We would spend about 5-10 minutes in the morning learning a letter or a song, then we would color or draw.  I was really excited that we were getting off to a good start!

Then after week 3, I started to feel very tired.  My energy to teach him seemed to have fizzled!  Well, I guess being pregnant will do that… I seem to have a hard time motivating myself to get my early childhood curriculum going!

Amazingly, even without my drive to “teach” the little guy.  He’s learning his letters and sounds (I’m not even doing anything). Last Christmas, my mom bought Jude a toy by leapfrog called “Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet”.  We’ve had it on our fridge and the little guy is constantly playing with it.  He’s learned most all of his letters and he knows the sounds that go with the letters.  It’s amazing! I highly recommend this toy –  we bought an extra set because we kept losing letters.  He has the dog letter reader  and the sun one.  I switch the letter readers every once in a while, so that he has a “new” toy every time.

You know how there’s required summer reading for kids in school… I think this should be a “required” toy for every toddler!

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