Free Printable: Kawaii Valentines Kit


Valentines day is coming up soon and it’s a great time to share some love!ย  Here’s an original Kawaii Valentines Kit for you to enjoy!ย  Great for teachers to use too!

If you previously downloaded the Valentines Kit, I had to update the file, just download the Word Search Page… Otherwise the full kit is ready for you to enjoy!

Download Printable Kit

Lots of awesome items included in this kit:

  • Valentines Cards (customizable) – Print blank or type your own message
  • Word Search
  • Valentines Treat Box – Put your delicious heart-shaped treats inside
  • Stickers or Cupcake Toppers
  • Coloring Sheet
  • Instruction sheet

Feel free to distribute! The digital file and the materials you print from this file are for your personal use only. Thanks for not altering this digital file. Materials printed using this digital file cannot be sold.

valentines 3

Thanks for stopping by! Want more printables?

I would love to hear how you used this Kit…ย  Please leave a comment and share.

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