Free Printable: Kokeshi Doll Mother’s Day Card

creativemamma mom's card

Hellooooo!  It’s been a while but I had to take a little break from the blog to take care of myself and my guys.  But now, I’m back with a Mother’s Day Printable for you!

Download Printable

Some other things to check out:

Jessika from Oh My! Handmade just redesigned her site complete with an awesome “Creative Marketplace” where you can connect with quality services around the web.  Anyway, I made these free printable Matroyoska Recipe Cards for Oh My!  So check them out if you haven’t already.



Lastly, I’ve partnered with Lil Blue Boo and I am now offering graphic art and other printables for sale there.  Please check that out too!



I hope you have a most wonderful week!

4 responses to “Free Printable: Kokeshi Doll Mother’s Day Card”

  1. jessica okui says:

    Yay! I’m glad you’re back. I was hoping I might see an updated post since you stopped by my site. I can completely relate about needing to take time off. Blogging can wear one out at times.

    Cute card.

    • Joy Charde says:

      Thanks, Jessica! Trying to fit everything in, but it just doesn’t always work out sometimes… Oh well, we can only do what we can. Thanks for always being so supportive!

  2. paperandthepea says:

    So cute as always. 😉

  3. paperandthepea says:

    So cute as always. 😉

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