Free Printable: Mini Doodle Thank You Notes in Different Languages

2011 mini thank you

Sending a big huge thanks, merci, danke, and gracias to all of you wonderful folks for your support! Thanksgiving is coming up so soon, so I figured it woud be fitting to show my thanks to you with this mini doodle thank you notes.  Thanks to all of you who have subscribed, left me such sweet comments and sent wonderful emails (you all just totally make my day)!

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Big huge thank you again!

2011 mini thanks

  • Feltrosefirulas

    A big thank U!! the contents you share are amazing!! 🙂 only missing in Portuguese ..= hihihih!! Obrigada! 😉

    • Aaaah!  Yes!  I’ll have to remember that next time 🙂  Thanks for your support!  I really appreciate it!

  • Super cute!!

  • Cute as always Joy!

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