Free Printable: Kawaii Ghosts Favor Tags or Stickers

I still can’t believe that it’s October already!  Time is flying by!  I have not figured out what the munchkin is going to be for Halloween, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to involve a pumpkin hat.

Anyway, here’s a free printable to dress up your Halloween treat bags!   These can also be used to decorate a table for a Halloween party!


Download Printable


  • Print the pdf – make sure that you have the page scaling set up to “none” – do not “fit to page”
  • Punch your stickers or favor tags
  • Use for adorning your gifts and more!

Feel free to distribute! The digital file and the materials you print from this file are for your personal use only. Thanks for not altering this digital file. Materials printed using this digital file cannot be sold.

Thanks for stopping by! Want more printables?

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