Free Printable: Kawaii Halloween Treat Boxes

Halloween is just around the corner!   I’ve always been in love with Chinese take out boxes, so I figured why not make a Halloween themed one?  Here’s a fun little project that you can do at your Halloween party or just use them to decorate your party table… The possibilities are endless!

Also, you will receive two designs in this free download.  Enjoy!

Download Printable


  • Card Stock
  • Printer (colored preferably)
  • Free Adobe Reader (Mac users must also use adobe reader instead of “preview”)
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Print the pdf – make sure that you have the page scaling set up to “none” – do not “fit to page”
  • Cut out the box
  • Fold at the dotted lines
  • Glue the side and bottom section
  • Slit the top for enclosure
  • Fill with candy or treats!

Feel free to distribute! The digital file and the materials you print from this file are for your personal use only. Thanks for not altering this digital file. Materials printed using this digital file cannot be sold.

Thanks for stopping by! Want more printables?

  • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I LOVE the expression on the little pumpkin’s face on the purple one!

  • SO freaking cute!! You’re so awesome to offer these!!! 🙂

  • SO cute!

  • These are fabulous Joy! What a talented artist you are!

  • How cool Joy! Thank you!

  • This is super! Great little project for kids! Thank you for sharing.


  • what a great idea! Thanks Joy! {:-D

  • Thanks so much! These are really cute!

  • Polly

    you should make diffrent ones for all year long thats what I want

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