Organization: Books

Having a new baby coming in January is making my husband and I rethink our home again. We got rid of a lot of things when our first one was born and now we are at it again!  So I’m rereading some of my organizing and decluttering ideas to get inspired again.

This was a previous post that I shared on TheMotherhood about a year ago…

After much thought (and needing room for our baby), we went through all of our books and came up with three piles: to donate, to sell, to keep.

  • To Keep:  Books we love and know that we would always want.
  • To Sell:  We decided to sell our books on Amazon. Amazon is a super easy place to sell anything! If you have an amazon account, you are half way there. The key is to describe your books really well. Anyway, we have made around $1,000 so far.
  • To Donate:  These are books that we can’t sell on Amazon, but are in great condition.We have now cleared over eight shelves, and are making money in the process. Unfortunately, the temptation to buy more books will always be there.

Back to the present…

We’re now paring down our favorites, really with working at the library and having so many books available on line, we’re reevaluating the books that we kept from the previous clean up.

Also, I’ve been looking at book storage solutions and here’s some cool ones that I found:

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