Books: Ed Emberley Fun!

Do you remember those wonderful Ed Emberley books from way back? I recently stumbled across one of Ed’s book at the library, and it brought back fond memories of making thumb print creations!

What I didn’t realize, is that aside from the thumb print books, Ed Emberley had a bunch of drawing books too… so I requested a lot of different titles from our library system.  Jude and I are having a blast going through them.

Side note – I think I’m having more fun going through these than my little toddler.

ed emberley

Here’s a few of the books that we are going through:

Check them out at your local library!
Jude and doodles
  • Anna

    Joy, as an art teacher ed emberly was always a favorite. I hadn’t seen these other two books. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Absolutely Anna! I didn’t know that you were an art teacher… That was one of my favorite subjects to teach way back when 🙂

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