Book Review: “Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids” by Jenny Doh

Adding fun crafts to your summer activities just got a lot easier with this book: Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids by Jenny Doh.

I originally found out about the book via a blogger friend Jessica Okui of Zakka Life, who is also in the book (psst… Jessica, you/your littles rocked in the book!  The craft was pretty fun too)!

A little bit about the Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids (affiliate link/description from

“Mommy bloggers” are a hugely popular source of advice for parents on everything from discipline to which stores have the best deals. And one of the top trending topics is crafting with your kids. Hand in Hand offers the best of the best: 20 superstar parenting bloggers share exclusive, photo-rich insights into their creative lives along with a favorite how-to craft for parent and child to make together. The 20 projects feature a well-balanced mix of techniques, materials, colors, and styles for a range of ages.

The book was both practical and inspiring.  I really enjoyed reading about the Mommy Bloggers and seeing how they foster creativity in their children – so inspiring!  From quilts, photo books, plush creations and more – there’s something fun for pretty much every age range.

Jude and I decided to work on Samantha Cotterill‘s Thaumatrope craft.

hand in hand: crafting with kids book

We decided to go with the bird/bird cage option and the rest of the craft was quite simple yet fun! Jude had a great time coloring the illustration and of course, spinning the thaumatrope.

Next on our list is Jessica’s Paper Roll Bracelets.  If you are in need of craft ideas this summer (or any time, really), you need to check out this book!

FYI: I received this book free as a review copy.


  • I was wondering if you were able to get a review copy.  I was thinking of emailing you about it, guess I can cross that off my to-do list.  Glad you like the book and thanks for the kind words 🙂

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